Reputation Expert Reveals How to Build AND Grow
Your Online Reputation In As Low As 30 - 60 Days On Auto-Pilot...
Do You Want A 5 Star Reputation and Build It With A Simple Yet
Revolutionary Software That Is Fully Automated?
We want to help you end the struggle and stress of getting reviews!
Stress has gotten the best of you as you've tried.... 
•  Asking your clients and patients
•  Sending people to your Google Page without luck
•  Offering gift cards to entice people to leave reviews and losing $$
         ... And they all left you with frustrating results
But... There Is Good News!
Hey, my name is Dr. Derek Baron and yes, I know exactly how you're feeling.

These days, I've managed to achieve quite a bit of success for my clients.  They are actually able to send out an email or a text message to ask for a review,  while they are in the office and the patient gladly leaves a review!

Most importantly it is HIPAA compliant and they can even share these 5 star reviews across my social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn.  
But... I'll Be Honest,
Things Definitely Didn't Start Out This Way...
Before I ever achieved even a tiny taste of success, there were a lot of roadblocks. So many times I was ready to throw in the towel.
When I first started out, many of my clients had the primary complaint that they didn't have the time to ask for the review.

They also felt as though there was an ethical and even legal issue around asking for reviews.

Then they began to notice  how many reviews their competitors were getting online and didn't want to get left behind but didn't' know how to take the first step.
Of course, you know exactly what I'm talking about, right?  
Does Any of This Sound Familiar? 
  •  You've tried asking the clients and patients which just resulted in frustration and the feeling I am bothering the clients and patients.
  •   You've tried sending people to your google page which led to getting negative reviews posted online that you can't remove.
  •  You've tried offering gift cards to entice people to leave reviews which just ended up in loss of money and getting in trouble from the state board for bribery.  
And Now You're Still At Square One... I understand just how you feel! 

Do You Feel As Though Your Luck Has Run Out and You Don't Have Any More Options?

Well, that is what many of my clients felt too...

But just like my client, you too can have  the exact solution to your problems

I Want To Introduce  To You...
Your Reputation Management and Marketing
Automation System and Software
Automated Review Requests
Five Star Practices offers multiple methods to collect reviews for your business.  From automated over an email or sms/text message (yes just push a button) to old school asking in person. 

We make it easy for you to get 5 Star Reviews.
Automatically send out a review request after an office visit or consultation ore even when an invoice goes out.
Email Campaigns
We will create a custom URL and insert it into your email campaigns to allow for a rich customization and branding.
Social Media
We will create a custom URL for your Social Media channels which is a unique approach - we get reviews where clients are at.
Your Website
We allow you to collect reviews directly from your webiste to make the process just that much easier for your clients.
Enter a clients name, email, and cell phone number one at a time or in mass mailings.
Any Website
Want  to collect reviews from a business you partner with?  Well now you can with easy code.
Review Cards
Create Personally Branded Review Cards and hand them out in the office or around town.
Ask for a review from any type of stock card or poster material or even big wrapper on a window.
Knock Knock... Who's There? Reminders....
Stress free review reminders can be set so you can go about your business and still get reviews flowing in your business. 

Our clients get on average 35% more collected reviews and the best part is they are set on autopilot.  
Yes, we will allow you to be lazy!
Multiple Review Forms
Five Star Practices offers multiple types of forms that can be filled in.  These forms are both mobile and desktop friendly.  

Check in forms for the front desk even assist in keeping track of patients/clients entering the business.  

Like I said  earlier, we make it easy for you to get 5 Star Reviews.
Up In Lights... I mean STARS (5 Stars)
Want your business to stand out from the competition - we have partnered with Google to allow the Review Star Snippets to StandOut.

Your Business will get increase exposure as well as increased leads coming through your door and increased phone calls too.
SEO Results Improved - Get On Page 1
With Five Star Practices you will get a dedicated page for reviews that is Google Friendly and since we partnered with them... YOU GOT IT, they will reward your page and give you some SEO LOVE
Social Sharing Across Platforms
Five Star Practices offers Social Sharing where you reviews will be shared across all the major Platforms to assist with viral posting.  Now your current clients and even one's considering your services will see what others  are saying about you.  

These reviews will also be posted to your website so visitors
there will get a first hand look at how great you really are
from a clients perspective.
Sherlock Holmes Has Nothing On Us...
When you get a Positive Review - we will  immediately and politely ask your client to leave you a review  online at another directory.  Yes, we will build your online reputation on autopilot.  We will even send out Thank You emails just to add that 5 Star Quality Experience.

We monitor your online presence for both positive and negative reviews.  It's like we are sitting in your front office searching across the web what people are saying about you.
Highlight Your Staff Individually
Five Star Practices allows you to monitor multiple
locations if you have 1 or 100. 

It is very important to get reviews and testimonials on yourself but we also offer you the ability to highlight staff members as well.
Survey Says.... We Like You Alot
Learn more about your client experiences with a survey through Five Star Practices. We allow you to set up to 10 survey questions on the review form (or after a negative review). Each question can have different types of answers: multiple choices, check boxes or a free text field. Great Insight into your business from those that matter.
You Don't Have To Take Our Word For It!
  •  The 5 Star Brand Builder -  This will help you build and design assets to grow your reputation offline such as business cards, flyers, postcards, window decals, table tents, etc.($500 Value - Included)
  •  The Authority Press Builder - Press Releases are the industry standard for high quality white hat SEO. We can take your business or an event and turn it into a high quality article called a Press Release. We will then get you and your business highlighted on News Media Outlets across the country. ($500 Value - Included) | Dreams Do Come True, LLC
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